Technical Information

Fabric Colors and Specifications

 Solar Shade USA utilizes the highest quality knitted HDPE shade fabrics and PVC architectural membranes. Not only do we offer a broad range of colors, but we also offer both monofilament/slit film and 100% monofilament shade fabrics. Our fabrics meet local and national codes regarding structural performance and fire resistance. 

Steel Colors and Specifications

Powder coating over galvanized substrate provides substantial corrosion resistance superiority over powder coating a raw/uncoated substrate. Powder coating over a galvanized surface provides corrosion protection at least 5-6 times longer than the same coating over a raw or bare surface. 

Warranty Information

 Solar Shade USA, LLC provides a limited warranty on all the products it supplies. This warranty is the buyers warranty and no other warranty is implied. This warranty is in effect from the date of payment in full and is void if the structure is not assembled and installed in accordance with Solar Shade USA installation instructions, or installed by a Solar Shade USA authorized installer. 

Installation Information


All Solar Shade USA structures are designed to be installed using common tools. Thorough installation instructions are provided for each structure, along with estimated time and typical foundations details for use in normal soil conditions.