How We Work


Give us a call with any questions and we’ll listen to your needs.


 After the call, we’ll make a recommendation, and walk you through our standard and custom options and examples. 


 Concept sketches, review key design features, budgets and cost proposals. 


 Engineering & submittals for customer approval, schedule. 


Materials selection, fabric & steel fabrication, quality inspections.


Easy installation by you the customer, a general contractor or even our personnel. 

Ongoing Support

 We offer a 10-year warranty, and a professional engineering stamp provided for every state in U.S. 

How We Do It

  • Observe, Listen & Collaborate
  • Use State-of-the-Art Tensioned Membrane Analysis Software
  • Design True Tensioned Membrane Canopies
  • Integrate a Proprietary Easy to Use Tensioning System
  • Use Highest Quality Steel & Fabrics to Ensure Long Life
  • Incorporate Simple Assembly Features to Reduce Costs